How to Write Blog Posts with Impact

It's possible that you have heard that longer blogs posts are better than shorter ones. But, it's the content that matters most, not the length. Short blog posts, from 300 to 500 words, serve a purpose too. That's why it's really best to include both long and short posts.

Once you learn how to write short posts with impact, you'll see the benefits of doing so.

Get started with a compelling headline

It's obvious that it is true. You read a post, or anything for that matter, based on the headline that you clicked through. The headline must be clear and concise, but not confusing or absurd. For the best impact, tell them what you are going to say.

Be Concise

Because it is focused on one topic and only one point, a short blog post will have a big impact. A short blog post that focuses on one point will not lose your readers' attention. Good editing will help make short blog posts impactful.

Make It Scannable

Online reading is different from paper. People always read from the left to the right on paper. Online people tend to scan something from top to bottom first, looking at the left side of the page. Using bullets, headlines, and attention-grabbing headlines will help guide the reader.

Laser Focus the Topic

One topic that is laser-focused and has one major point will suffice for a short post. 5 Reasons to XYZ might be a better choice. The Most Important Reason to ZYZ

Engage Your Readers

Always solicit comments. Your one-topic post can have a significant impact on engagement. In terms of activity and shareability, a shorter blog post is more valuable than a longer one.

Include Relevant Imagery

Using the right images for your posts carries new weight, because the better your image the more likely it will be shared by those who read it. A well-composed blog post along with the right image will make a huge impact.

Know Your Audience

Which platforms does your audience use to access your content? How can you customize your content to match audience needs, wants, and preferences? What does your audience want and need to know? Your short posts will be more effective if you do this.

Blog posts that are shorter take less time than those with longer content. They don't have to keep the reader's attention as long, and focus on only one topic at a time. Focus each short blog post on a minute topic that is important to your audience for the most impact.

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